Stab Magazine Drop It off “The Dock”

Well, technically they drop in off the dock, a long, free-floating platform which bends and curls as the waves roll in, allowing a plucky bunch of daredevil surfers to take a running jump onto the blue monsters. Captured in 4k by the talented and forward thinking bunch of dudes at Stab, Australia’s top surf mag and website, ‘The Dock’ looks like about as much fun as you can have on a stretch of plastic (yes, including a slip ‘n slide).

Whether or not this is something your average shark biscuit could reproduce in an afternoon is another question – Stab are known for their grand productions. Bruce Irons illuminating a pitch black tube, John Florence’s Dream World, and surfing’s first studio shoot, in a Spanish wavepool, were all Stab productions, so as cool as this kick-ass video looks, it’s no surprise.

I could prattle on about this, but just hit the fullscreen button and watch it for yourself.

Check it out

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