Stay Dry in the 22 Degrees Ocean Jacket

The 22 Degrees Ocean Jacket is the epitome of all sea-ware for photographers, scientists, and researchers. This jacket is made from 2.5 mm Smooth Skin Neoprene which is eco-friendly, and designed to make a greatly reduced negative effect on the environment. The Sheico Eco Neoprene is held together with a YKK Aquaguard water resistant zipper and blind stitched seams that allow for a 100% waterproof seal.

22 degrees ocean jacket black

Inside the jacket, you will find two large pouch pockets, sealed with the same stitching, and draw strings on the hood and waistline to keep dry what you want and is adjustable to specifications of the wearer. Not only is this jacket effective in the water, it is fast drying and easy to care for, so it is not bothersome to look after, when you’re back on solid ground.

side pocket 22 degree jacket

All of these features and facets make this hooded front zip neoprene rain jacket great for use on the ocean and able to keep you warm and dry while out at sea or just caught in the rain.

22 degrees jacket water resistance

If that isn’t enough to get you excited, the wearability and look of this jacket should. The minimalist design, Raglan fitted shoulders, and tapered body, give this piece a clean and stylish aesthetic to match your no-nonsense lifestyle.

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