Snapchat Just Released a SeaSeeker Underwater Scuba Mask

If you own a pair Snapchat Spectacles, then you know how fun it is to use them to capture your memories. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to use them to upgrade your social media with cool underwater videos and photos. Leave the Go-Pro at home. With the new SeaSeeker Underwater Snapchat Mask from Royal Caribbean, you can get underwater footage without having to pack a bunch of equipment. The cruise line created a diving mask that incorporates Snapchat Spectacles. Your Snapchat story will never be dull again thanks to the cruise line’s new invention.

snapchat seaseeker scuba mask girl wearing

Passengers aboard Royal Caribbean cruises will be able to document their underwater adventures with the SeaSeeker mask. The SeaSeeker mask contains a pair of Spectacles, which are located in a watertight compartment. According to the cruise line, the mask is waterproof down to 46 metres. Users can shoot up to 30 minutes worth of footage. Then, the videos will be parcelled into 10-second blocks to post on your Snapchat story.

seaseeker scuba mask black

So far, the mask is still a prototype. Royal Caribbean is testing it right now. Three well-known divers are trying out the mask in a series of dives. Free diver Ashleigh Baird adventured into the Great Blue Hole in Belize with the mask. She documented her dive on social media. Photographer Roberto Ochoa and marine biologist Gaby Nava took underwater photos and video as they explored the Maya Reef in Mexico.

After the testing is finished, Royal Caribbean plans to patent the technology and they will make it exclusive to guests on their cruises. Sign us up!

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