Taylor Made SIM Max Rescue is a 3-iron That Hits Like a 7

Rory McIlroy isn’t one to rock the boat. McIlroy has always historically used a traditional long iron, driving iron, or 5-wood. If something is working, then why change it? But that was before the professional golfer picked up one of the new Taylor Made Sim Max Rescues, and everything changed. “I’ve never been a hybrid of a rescue guy,” McIlroy said in an interview with the Irish Golfer. “I’m a bit of a traditionalist…but I picked this thing up and it was unbelievable.” Taylor Made had put in the investment of making a hybrid just for McIlroy and then let him try it for himself. After a few cuts, McIlroy decided that he needed to take the club home for more testing.

Taylor Made SIM Max

It’s no wonder that more players are turning to Taylor Made to pick up a Rescue. For the new Sim Max Rescue, Taylor Made employed their V Steel design. The v-shaped sole plate in V Steel was created to reduce friction with the turf at impact, which helps to increase your confidence in your swing regardless of where the ball is. The engineers at Taylor Made also used different metals in the club, including C300 steel, so that they could precisely position weight in the club’s head, giving it a lower center of gravity. The Sim Max Rescue also has what Taylor Made is calling “Twist Face.” This approach allows players to get a straighter shot, even on miss hits. The head also features enhanced Speed Pocket technology that provides more sole flexibility to promote additional ball speed on low-face miss hits.

Taylor Made SIM Max twist face

The Taylor Made Sim Max Rescue may have finally found a home in McIlroy’s repertoire. “I think for certain course, why not?” says McIlroy on the question of whether he plays to use the club or not. “I can flight it, I can hit it low, I can hit it high. It’s like a 3-iron that’s as easy to hit as a 7-iron

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Taylor Made SIM Max v-shaped sole plate

Taylor Made SIM Max black bag

Taylor Made SIM Max bag