The Barebones Hatchet is a Cut Above the Rest

There’s something about hold a hatchet that just feels cool. Maybe it is the heavy weight in your hand, maybe it is the way it looks with the shealth attached to your belt, or maybe it’s just the possibilities you know exist with it’s functionality. Reagardless of why it feels so fitting in-hand, when that hatchet is one designed to last a lifetime, you have something special.

hatchet tool barebones

You may not realize that a hatchet needs to be added to your repertoire, but as soon as it is, you’ll wonder why you waited until now. Perfect for chopping, splitting, hammering, and much more, it’s the perfect catch-all tool to have on hand. I’ve found myself inventing projects for me to work on with mine if I don’t have a reason to use it.

huckberry hatchet barebones view

The Barebones Hatchet from Huckberry is carefully crafted to be perfectly balance so each swing feels right and impacts your target with the perfect amount of precision and force. There’s nothing worse than starting a project and not being able to get through it because the quality of your tools is too lacklustre. That will never be a concern with the Barebones Hatchet.

hucberry barebones hatchet with tag

This hatchet is grounded with a blade made from hard-wearing high-carbon steel and impressive edge retention, has a full-tang with expertly calibrated weight and balance, a hickory wood handle sporting an overstrike guard, and comes in a waxed canvas and leather sheath that protects the blade when not in use and looks the part for such an impressive tool.

hatchet on top of rock

What’s even better? The Barebones Hatchet is covered by the Barebones limited lifetime warranty, so you’ll never have to worry about replacing your damaged tool. If you ever find yourself needing a replacement or your existing tool is in a state of disrepair, just send it to Barebones and they’ll ship you a new in response.

Check it out

barebones hatchet on hand

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