The James Brand Halifax Experience is Simple By Design

What is simplicity? In a nutshell, it’s the idea of taking the complex and slimming it down to the most useful and practical to understand and use. James Brand took note of this minimalist concept and created the Halifax multitool keychain. It’s simple, it gets the job done, it’s elegant: what else is there? Let’s take a look.

back view james halifax tool

Simple by design, this multifunction keychain tool is rugged and versatile in its function, but is basic in its physical form. That doesn’t mean it’s a basic tool though, one reason for that is that it’s machined from a single block of 6AL4V titanium. That gives it the most strength you can expect to have in such a handy little tool that fits neatly onto a key ring set.

james halifax tool and key

Tighten loose screws with ease, pry things loose in a jam, open cold beverages; these are just some the ways the tool can be used. The Halifax comes with a custom-machined ghmb stud bottle opener: a must-have for when you want to quench your thirst with a cold frothy straight from the esky. Its Black Cerakote finish gives it a stealth appeal–this is achieved by using a heavy duty Polymer-Ceramic coating, the same type of coating used on firearms and can hold up against wear, corrosion, resistance, and impact.

Check it out

james halifax tool flat

james brand key and tool top view

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