The Pika Micro Caravan from Timberleaf is the Tiny Trailer Built for Big Adventure

If you are preparing to head out for an adventure in your off-road vehicle, SUV or truck (because let’s face it, recreational vehicles just can’t cut the mustard when you really want to get lost), then you need to check out this unique off-road camper made by Timberleaf. It’s been specifically built and designed for use in remote adventure destinations, and in the most rugged of conditions.

pika micro caravan side view

The Pika is the newest addition to the Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer lineup, and is a compact and lightweight alternative to the Timberleaf Classic model. Appropriately named after the American Pika, a small rabbit-like mammal in the Rocky Mountains in North America, this Pika too is an adventurous animal and evolved to traverse rugged terrain, much like its namesake. The Pika camper is thirty-six percent smaller than the Classic from Timberleaf, with a minute 54-inch X 96-inch frame.

timberleaf caravan on the roadopen view caravan camper

The base model weighs 1025 lbs; there are also upgrade packages including the off-road and all-road packages. These three different available suspension packages make the caravan camper a product worth buying if you want to head into the remote areas of the wilderness or on an off-road adventure to camp.

Check it out

micro caravan camper open door

timberleaf camper wheels

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