The Topo Design x Oru Kayak Can Fold Into a Box

Whether you’re keen for a leisurely day trip or a backcountry fishing portage, the Beach LT is the kayak to make it happen. The Topo Designs X Oru Kayaks collaboration is built upon the foundation that the outdoors are accessible to everyone. The two design firms made this happen by following the lead of origami and creating a kayak that’s foldable for easy storage and transportation.

topo design x oru kayak on the river

Beach LT is easy to set up, taking all of 3 minutes to go from ‘box to boat’. When folded, the kayak resembles a cooler bag that can be carried as a backpack. City dwellers may love to know that the folded kayak can be transported as checked baggage.

topo design x oru kayak use fisherman

On the water, the kayak is lightweight, sturdy and durable. It features a large open cockpit with a comfortable foam seat and adjustable backrest and footrest. Dual bulkheads add extra rigidity. The kayak’s aesthetic of red and white with blacked-out bulkheads add a nice contrast of minimalism and classic colours. A marine-grade stainless steel paddle is included. It’s completely adjustable for length and blade pitch.

topo design x oru kayak front

The most easily transportable kayak in the world is currently available for a discounted pre-sale price with shipping expected in June. The Beach LT kayak is currently only available in the US. Hopefully, that will change real soon.

Check it out

topo design x oru kayak use catch fish

topo design x oru kayak use easily

topo design x oru kayak outlook

topo design x oru kayak on the lack

topo design x oru kayak smart use

topo design x oru kayak pack


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