Toraxe is a Design Student’s Redesign of the Axe

Some tools have been around for millennia without having much change, mainly because they still work, and if they still work then there’s little need to re-create it. Fortunately, not everyone prescribes to that philosophy. One such person is Nikola Djuraskovic. This design student took the challenge of reimagining the axe, and he struck on a winning design.

toraxe design axe

The Toraxe is about the size of a hatchet, but it looks nothing like the traditional axe. The axe was inspired by the principle of fluidity of form. The handle is a gentle arc, which helps to ergonomically position your hand throughout the entire striking motion. The handguard merges with the blade housing, protecting the user’s hand. The only indication that this is actually an axe is the material change when the blade comes out of the handle. The curve of the blade is continued into the handle.

The redesigned axe has the benefit of increased safety and better handling. This design may not replace the millennia-old design, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not refreshing to see things being rethought and improved on. The Toraxe is definitely a step beyond the traditional.

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