Trainerbot Smart Ping Pong Robot

Ping Pong is one of the world’s most popular sports, and for the uninitiated- can be surprisingly exciting and challenging. But if you’re looking to improve your personal ping pong power, the hardest part can be getting a partner to practice with you regularly. You can use a barrier, but this is a poor replacement for a human opponent.

Enter Trainerbot. Trainerbot is a portable, light, automatic ping pong ball shooting robot that attaches to the edge of a ping pong table and will train you till your fingers bleed. This relentless little guy can be set to shoot any specific type of shot over and over. This allows you practice specific types of returns. You can also set it to shoot at a random point on the table to keep you on your toes.

This is probably the first time ping pong aficionados can perfect very precise types of returns- making it possible to beat opponents with even the most furious skills. Trainerbot is programmed using an iPhone application which puts all of its settings and capabilities at your fingertips.

trainerbot ping pong robot in table tennis game

Jam it in your backpack and take Trainerbot with you when you go to the gym, training center, or wherever the nearest table is- and you’ll never want for a partner. The only trouble is, once you get used to playing with your Trainerbot you may never want to play with a human opponent again.

Trainerbot is still on Kickstarter, but when it hits the shelves, yours is only $330 dollars away.

Check it out

trainerbot ping pong robot front side

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