Turn Up the Heat with the Tole K60 Outdoor Fireplace

There’s something about a wood fire that brings out something primal in all of us, something that is enjoyable to be around. You can warm yourself by it, cook delicious food on it and just enjoy it’s natural ambiance—the unique light, the smell, the crackling sounds. However, it’s tough to contain and create a place to have a good fire that can consistently do all of these things—unless you purchase the Tole Garden Fire K60.

tole k60 fireplace simple yet brilliant design

A mobile wood burning stove that is shaped like a tall rectangular steel column, the Tole Garden Fire K60 is a simple yet brilliant design for those who love everything about wood burning stoves. Lightweight and easy to move, the column can be placed near an outdoor dinner table for easy access to cooking while you socialize, or hidden around the corner of the house or across the yard so that it doesn’t interfere. Inside, the stove is divided into sections, with the logs of wood able to be stacked and stored on the bottom, the wood burning area in the middle and the top half dedicated to exhaust and smoke. In the middle section above where the wood burns, there are a variety of different racks that allow you to cook all sorts of things over the wood flames. There’s a standard grill for vegetables and meat, a raclette for cheese, a wok for stir fry’s and a Teppanyaki for oriental or Mediterranean cuisine.

tole k60 fireplace cooking

This will undoubtedly turn up the heat on your cooking and outdoor entertaining game.

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tole k60 fireplace and table

tole k60 fireplace stainless steel

tole k60 fireplace lights

tole k60 fireplace outing

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