Vaustil Primero Charcoal Grill Ignites Your Cooking Passion

The perfect steak requires the perfect grill, one that comes from a rich history of quality cooking. In other words, a grill like the Vaustil Primero Charcoal Grill. The Vaustil is made in Europe, but its story actually starts in Mexico. There, Vaustil Founder Juan de Rosenzweig’s father started a search for a quality grill. Unsatisfied with the grills on the market, he set out to make one. He took inspiration from the Argentinian asador, and finally created his perfect grill. When Juan moved to Europe, he took that same desire with him. After finding a team, Juan was able to create and market his perfect grill: El Primero.

vaustil primero charcoal grill strong flame

El Primero provided the right heat with an integrated charcoal starter that generates a strong flame. The coals reach their optimal temperature in just 20 minutes. Once you have the heat you need, you can use the intuitive height adjustment to raise and lower the grate to fine tune the heat. The grate also helps in the cooking. It’s V-shape keeps liquids from the meats you’re cooking from falling onto the coals, which can create carcinogenic byproducts.

vaustil primero charcoal grill fire

In addition to the grill itself, El Primero also has an app for your smartphone. This app tracks seven zones of temperature in the grill so that you know exactly where to place your meat for optimal cooking. One final detail of interest is its protective quality. Because the grills are isolated, you won’t have to worry about anyone being burned by the grill.

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