Victorinox alox trio new colour limited edition

You Won’t Lose the Victorinox Limited Edition Alox Collection

Every year, Victorinox marks the occasion with a new and limited edition colour. This year marks the ninth edition of the series, and the famous Swiss army knife maker elected to go with electric yellow, making their knives even more noticeable. But that’s not all, this year’s collection also includes a three-some of knives—the Classic SD, the Pioneer X, and the Hunter Pro.

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Victorinox alox trio together

Alox Limited Edition Trio | Image: Victorinox

The Alox Limited Edition features a ribbed surface for the scales, which are made of punched aluminium. The knives are embossed and then anodized using the Eloxal process that creates a protective, hard layer. Not only does this process result in a unique colour, but it also provides excellent protection against damage and corrosion—a highly desirable attribute for an everyday carry tool like a Swiss army knife. And if you’re not already carrying a Swiss army knife, now is a great time to add these tools to your life.

The Classic SD Alox comes with a blade, nail file, screwdriver, and scissors. The 58 mm tool comes with a key ring, so it’s easy to add to your day. The Pioneer X Alox changes things us, offering a blade, a reamer, a punch, a can opener with a 3 mm screwdriver, a bottle opener with a 7 mm screwdriver and wire stripper, and scissors. The Pioneer measures 93 mm and also comes with a key ring. Finally, the Hunter Pro Alox is the classic pocket knife and comes with a large blade, a lanyard hole, a clip, and a Paradors pendant. All three are made to meet exacting standards and are made of stainless steel.

The Alox trio of multi-tools can be purchased throughout 2023 in Victorinox stores and online, but only while stocks last. You can purchase the Classic SD Alox for $99.95; the Pioneer X Alox for $169; and the Hunter Pro Alox for $259. Regardless of which one you choose, you know you’ll get a quality product backed by over 130 years of experience creating the world’s most iconic and relied-upon multitool.

If that’s not reassuring enough, you can rest easy knowing that each of these limited tools—as well as all the other tools Victorinox offers—comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects in either material or workmanship.

Check out the ALOX Collection

Victorinox alox trio

Victorinox Classic SD Alox | Image: Victorinox

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