Watch How Freeskiing Has Evolved over the Years

If you don’t know what Freeskiing is, Red Bull’s new video Generations of Freeskiing is a great introduction to this thrilling sport. It gives a short introduction to freeskiing and how it has pushed the limits of snow skiing. The video, just over three minutes and forty seconds long showcases the history of freeskiing from 1976 through 2016. This clip shows different styles freeskiing, including big-mountain pioneering, ski ballet and hot dogging. Some of the best tricks are performed by some of the biggest names in freeskiing—Jesper Tjäder, Henrik Windstedt, Viktoria Rebensburg, Nick Goepper, Jon Olsson, Bene Mayr and Lisa Zimmermann. The clip has lots of attention to detail with music from the era shown. Skiers are featured in original clothing and equipment, including bright neon jackets from the 1980s, tight pastel overalls from the 1970s and leopard print jackets from the 1990s. Many classic snowblades are featured in this short clip, as well.

The clip is a teaser for the 30-minute documentary by Red Bull “Generations of Freeskiing”.
Some of the most iconic moments of freeskiing history are revived in Red Bull’s documentary. Today’s freeskiers pay tribute to some of the biggest stars of freeskiing, those who pushed the sport forward. It shows how they pushed the envelop and took freeskiing to the next level.

Both the trailer and the documentary provide an entertaining look at exactly how freeskiing has evolved over the years. Anyone, whether they have tried freeskiing before or not, can enjoy at a glimpse into the sport’s history thanks to Red Bull.

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