WheelEasy Folding Wheelbarrow Saves Space and Work

The WheelEasy Folding Wheelbarrow addresses the biggest drawback of having a wheelbarrow—storage. There’s a reason wheelbarrows are still in use today. They’re functional and serve a great purpose. But they also take up a lot of space. WheelEasy has created a wheelbarrow that can be folded up and then hung on the wall for easy, space-saving storage.

WheelEasy follows the same basic design of any wheelbarrow. You have two poles that are attached to a single wheel. Where WheelEasy is different is in the barrow portion. For WheelEasy, that’s a fabric canvas made of thick vinyl-coated UV-resistant nylon with industrial strength seams. It comes in both 350 and 150 pound capacity. The foam covered grips make using WheelEasy more comfortable for your hands.

Another advantage of WheelEasy is its ability to lay flat on the ground. When you get to the stuff you need to move, you won’t have to pick it up to get it into the wheelbarrow. Instead, simply release the back flap and then just rack, shovel, or slide the material into the barrow. Once everything is loaded, replace the back flap and you’re ready to go. Emptying WheelEasy is just as simple. You can either tilt it to the side, or undo the back and pour out the contents.

WheelEasy is a functional wheelbarrow that will meet your needs, and then be stored out of the way.

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