You Can Take this Origami Folding Kayak Anywhere

Kayaking is a great outdoor activity with one major drawback—the kayak itself. Not that kayaks are bad, but it’s the transporting and storing that causes problems. Oru Kayak has developed a way around those problems with Inlet, a portable origami folding kayak.

closer look inside the folding kayak

The Inlet starts out as a bundle roughly the size of a piece of luggage—42 inches long by 19 inches tall by 10 inches wide. That means you can easily stow this kayak in the trunk of your car, rather than having to lash it to the roof or find a trailer to haul it. It also means that you can store it in a closet at home or take it into work for a quick lunchtime getaway. You can easily check the Inlet onto a plane, and since it weighs only 20 pounds, you won’t be killing yourself trying to lug it around. Transportation can be made even easier with Oru’s new pack. The pack has a padded waist belt, so sling it on a shoulder and let your hips carry the weight.

oru kayak portable origami

Assembly is easily done in just three steps and can be completed in under five minutes. Just fold it out and snap together a few straps and you’re done. Completely folded out, the Inlet measures 31 inches wide and ten feet long. It has a max weight capacity of 275 pounds and can fit a 6’2” paddler. It has an integrated floorboard. The backrest and footrest are both completely adjustable. The open cockpit makes for easy entry and exit. There are straps on the side for accessories, a convenient carrying handle, and an integrated bow fairing. And with 30 inches of width, you have plenty of room for yourself and a four-legged friend.

portable folding kayak

Inlet is competitively priced with other kayaks, coming in at $699. When you consider all the advantages, though, you might just start to think that you’re taking advantage of Oru’s generosity.

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