You Should Carry the James Brand EDC Titanium Collection Knife Every Day

The James Brand EDC Titanium Collection Knife is an every day carry that you’ll use the rest of your life. When you’re looking for a tool, simplicity is often the best answer. You can complicate things with convoluted tools that have so many functions that you lose count, but sometimes you just need to hit a nail with a hammer. The same applies to the Chapter Knife. Sometimes when you need to cut something all you really need is a good, reliable knife.

full view james brand collection knife

The blade of the Chapter Knife is made from D2 steel and features a serrated edge. The hardware is 416 stainless steel with a black-oxide coating. You’ll also notice the “Electric Moss” anodized accents on the blade and thumb stud. The locking frame is titanium and only has a minimum of moving parts. In short, you won’t have to worry about this blade rusting, breaking, or plain falling apart.

locked frame james brand titanium knives

The blade is 2.81 inches long and comes in a tip-down carry style with a right hand orientation. The handle is 3.75 inches long. Open, the knife measures 6.5 inches in length. This knife is an every day carry blade that you’ll have your entire life.

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