A Rubber Sole Makes these Pirelli X Blossom Skis Special

What happens when a high-performance ski company and a Formula One tire company join forces? You get a one-of-a-kind ski—the Pirelli x Blossom skis. Pirelli has more than 110 years of tire manufacturing under its belt. Italian company Blossom has been making high-performance skis since the late 1990s. The two companies lent their expertise, working alongside each other in a Val Chiavenna workshop to design this unique ski by hand.

So, what makes these skis so special? Here is a little hint?—it is the rubber. The Pirelli x Blossom Ski features a layer of special Pirelli vulcanised anti-vibration rubber. The rubber is located between layers of triaxial fibreglass and wood. This technology helps dampen vibrations by as much as 60 percent, according to Blossom Skis. This design also improves both control and comfort.

men using pirelli x blossom skis

Skis have integrated dampening materials for years. The rubber addition is not new either. Wood, metal and carbon have all been used to reduce vibration. What makes these skis different is the design—specifically the control that this design provides.

Our first impression of this ski is that it was born to rip groomers. It should do quite well on hard slopes, letting you corner with ease and enjoy a nice smooth downhill ride.

pirelli x blossom skis in hand

The Pirelli x Blossom skis come in seven different racing-inspired colours. There will only be 110 pairs of each colour available—one for each year that Pirelli has been in operation. Each pair of skis features Pirelli’s unique logo. The final touch is a matte black finish. With their innovative performance and unique design, we are sure that these skis will turn heads on the slopes.

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pirelli x blossom skis black

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