GIVEAWAY – Win a Lekker Single-Speed Bike

Lekker Bikes consistently makes stylish, high-quality bikes for all types of riders and the redesigned Amsterdam Fixie series is yet another successful product from the team. The bikes are designed with multiple handlebar options and a well proportioned design so that they are just as comfortable as they are attractive. The bikes are 100% rust free and composed of light weight aluminum, a strong combination which gives the bike stiff handling to go with its non-burdensome body as you explore the city or countryside.

giveaway win lekker single speed bike front part

The customizability is a pretty cool aspect of the Amsterdam Fixie. You can pick between bull horn or road-style drop bars, which type of gear configuration and shifter you’d like, and which frame size fits you better. The bike also comes in three striking colors: Champagne Gold, Deep Blue or Matte Black. Personally, we’d recommend Champagne Gold, if only because then you get to tell your friends that your bike is the colour of champagne or the colour of gold, depending on your mood.

giveaway win lekker single speed bike name shape

As you can tell from the appearance, this bike is not necessarily for the cyclist hardos wearing full body tights to burn 30mph down main roads. It is designed more for the casual rider, who prefers the convenience and ease of a bike to the hassle of car traffic. Perfect for a commute to work daily, a weekend ride to the beach, or any other exploration you may want to do, the Lekker Bike Amsterdam Fixie can get you from point A to point B looking and feeling good.

giveaway win lekker single speed bike body

We are doing a giveaway for a bike with Lekker, based on a competition, so look for that coming up. In the meantime, plan out some great bike rides so that when the time comes, you’re ready to take the Lekker out for a spin! And if biking isn’t your cup of tea, then pick out a lucky friend who you could gift it to – and watch them enjoy the city better than ever before.

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Giveaway – Enter to Win a Lekker Bicycle

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Christmas is coming early for someone. We’re giving away a shiny new Lekker Bicycle to one lucky reader! All you have to do to enter is be subscribed to our email newsletter. The competition closes on the 18th of December right before Christmas and we’ll notify the winners via email as well as announcing it on our Facebook page.

That’s it. Simple.

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