The 1954 Jaguar XK120M is Why We Fall in Love With Cars

They say Jaguars were initially designed after a woman’s body and if that’s the case then the XK120M might very well be modeled after those European beauties who only seem to exist in movies and magazines. This is the kind of car that would make Jerry Seinfeld himself drool at the mouth.

side view of jaguar xk120m car

The XK120M’s signature look was not instantaneous, rather developed over time thanks to a series of overhauls. To tell the whole story would possibly take up all our bandwidth so here’s the gist of it: after World War II Jaguar was committed to making luxury cars using cutting-edge design and superior engine technology. The XK120M represented an early peak in Jaguar’s ambitions, flaunting a simply stunning appearance and a unique XK engine (the “X” standing for “experimental”). The car was originally intended for use on the road, but that was before it got into the hands of an American named Tom Jaycox Jr., who wanted to remodel it as a private racer.

front view of jaguar xk120m car

Jaycox reduced the weight of the car by stripping away many of its original features. Eventually he was able to locate and install two sand casted 2″ carburetors and aluminum-rimmed C-type wheels. He would go on to remove the bumpers, cut bigger air intake holes, put a tonneau cover to the passenger side, install a Moto-Lita wooden steering wheel and also an original Brookland racing screen. Would it be too hammy to say Jaycox was “driven” by his passion? Too late–we said it. The result of his effort was a private racing car like no other, and a bona fide masterpiece of form and function.

headlights of jaguar xk120m car

The XK120M has changed hands and undergone restorations in the decades since Jaycox turned it into an absolute jaw-dropper. It’s made various public appearances in shows and won numerous awards. But forget all that. Just look at the thing!

 jaguar xk120m car standing on the road

open roof jaguar xk120m car

steering of  jaguar xk120m car

wheels of  jaguar xk120m car