1958 ‘Rari Rarity Up For Auction

Vintage cars are notorious for collecting a few extra digits on their price tag from when they were first released, but when you get an example as smoking hot as this 1958 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider, it’s hard to decide whether to cry or swoon. Or both.

men drive ferrari rari rarity

One of the most exciting cars to leave Maranello, the California Spider was (and remains) the epitome of a ride that can take you on a leisurely scenic drive through the countryside with the top down, or around the Nürburgring in a spine-tingling track time.

lock ferrari rari rarity

This one looks to fetch over $12 million USD, the condition and originality setting it apart from many of its similarly aged counterparts, but I suspect whoever ends up owning it will only be able to keep it in a hermetically sealed room for a short while before giving in to the urge and taking it out onto the open road, at least to hear the scream of a sixty year old 3 litre V12 once in a while, though I’ve got my fingers crossed it’ll be more like a scene from a Steve McQueen flick than Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

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