1960 Lamborghini 2241R Tractor Keeps Plowing Ahead

I know what you’re thinking—a Lamborghini…tractor? That’s exactly what James Edition, the world’s largest luxury marketplace, has for sale. You may not know it, but before Ferruccio Lamborghini made a name in the automotive world for insanely fast and loud sports cars, he started out building his Lamborghini Trattoria (Lamborghini Tractors) line. Ferruccio started putting together his first tractors in 1948. Those first models were built of scrap military hardware and engines. It wasn’t until 1951 that Lamborghini put together his first in-house tractor. Just as he would do with his sports cars, Lamborghini built a reputation for tractors that were technologically advanced. In 1957, Lamborghini developed the “Lamborghinetta”—a small, in-house built tractor with a 2 cylinder engine. Ferruccio loved this little tractor so much that when he passed, it was a Lamborghinetta that pulled his casket to the cemetery.

lamborghini tractor

James Edition is offering a model number DL20-2241R model Lamborghinetta. The history of this particular tractor is a little sketchy, but the condition is not. A recent restoration is evident, especially in the nearly immaculate paint job. This little tractor would be a striking addition to any Lamborghini collection—in fact, it would probably be the major talking point and attention grabber of any collection.

Check it out

lamborghini 2241r 1960

2241r tractor

1960 2241r lamborghini tractor

1960 lamborghini tractor

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