1990 Riva Ferrari 32 Speedboat is Making a Splash

Riva, named after its founder Pietro Riva and originally started on the banks of Italy’s Lake Iseo in 1842. As the story goes the company was formed because of a storm that destroyed most of the local fishing villages along the lake, Riva the craftsman aided in repairing and restoring the majority of the boats and so a world class manufacturer was born. Since that time the company Riva has never failed to deliver anything but the peak of excellent in the yachting industry. So when this company collaborated with the Italian Ferrari, something magical was born: The Riva Ferrari 32. The number 32 standing for length in feet, a beautifully designed sleeping cabin situated below bow, and a twin 390 horsepower V-8s that is harmonious with F1 racing style engines. Only 40 have ever been built, so either buy now, or do what most of us will do and store it away for a daydream.

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