The 2017 Ducati Supersport S is All Kinds of Awesome

For those lucky Ducati Supersport owners who think they’re sleek, sporty, downright brilliant machine isn’t quite there yet, by all means consider the Ducati Supersport S. The “S” version sees upgrades in the form of a passenger seat cover, fully adjustable Öhlins TiN-treated forks and a fully adjustable Öhlins monoshock with integrated gas cartridge. Also included is Ducati Quick Shift and clutch-free gear change to provide seamless performance under any circumstances.

ducati supersport s motorcycle feature

The Ducati Supersport S is a track-tested bike built to dominate the road. To call it versatile and fast is practically redundant. A torque curve and twin-cylinder Ducati Testatretta 11° engine equates to superb handling, even distribution of power, fewer gear changes and swift acceleration. When the rider goes higher on the revs there’s a proportional increase in torque, with a peak of 96.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Electronic throttle ensures an optimal and precise exchange between the wrist action and engine response. Again, the result is a retention of complete control over copious amounts of power and speed.

ducati supersport s motorcycle speed and power

The Ducati Supersport is already the bike of champions. The Ducati Supersport S is that and then some. For those who want to take the speed and power of the track onto the road–all the while retaining a total sense of control over the bike–your search ends here.

Check it out

ducati supersport s motorcycle best design

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