31MM Adventure Vehicles is Pimp My Ride for Adventurers

Just in case beasts like a Land Rover aren’t enough for you, there’s an absolute savage out there who makes them even more adventure-ready. Meet Jay Hayden, he of 31MM Adventure Vehicles. Jay builds adventure vehicles for sports athletes and explorers, and he is currently building a 2016 Land Rover Defender.

pimp 31mm vehicle in the jungle

As a self-run company, Jay’s 31MM Adventure Vehicles represents his vision from start to finish, from design to product. The result is one of the more unique companies we’ve seen recently, and certainly one of the coolest. They take already badass cars and make them more everything-proof. So if you’re planning a safari adventure, a rainforest exploration or something else out of a video game, give Jay a call first.

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pimp 31mm vehicle mud

pimp 31mm vehicle running