4 Ways a Classic Watch is Just Like a Classic Car

There are usually just a few truly special material possessions that a man cherishes during his lifetime.  And because there are just a few, they are often treasured even more than what might be considered reasonable. There’s a reason some men refer to their car as their “baby.”

When it comes down to it, those items are very similar to one another in what they represent and why they’re so well-loved.  Here we take a look at a few of the ways that 2 of the most traditional manly treasures are alike. Read below to see the 4 Ways a Classic Watch is Just Like a Classic Car.

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Hand Crafted

The male species tend to be drawn to complex machines that are built with artistry and care – speakers, motorcycles, and, of course, watches and cars.  We like to own something that’s rare and uses a unique technology that can be bragged about to our friends, “Check this out, man…” is the way those conversations usually begin.  Maybe it’s the little boy in all of us, the kid that just likes to know how things work and yearn to look inside at the gears and motor.

Whatever it is, both a quality car and a quality watch have it in spades.  Good timepieces and good automobiles are special because they’re designed by brilliant artists and engineers. Their creation is overseen by master craftsmen who ensure that each and every minuscule part goes exactly where it’s supposed to go.  We love knowing that something we own was painstakingly assembled before it ended up in our hands.

patek philippe geneve watch


Let’s admit here and now that no matter how cool your PT Cruiser was in 2001 or how rad your neon swatch was in 1989, neither of those trendy items had much-staying power.  They had their 5 minutes of style fame and then faded away to become nothing more than vintage relics of tastes gone by.

We all know the difference between that which is novel and that which is timeless.  It’s this knowledge that causes you to spend a bit more than is wise on an old Corvette that’s in a sorry state of disrepair.  You know that, with a little TLC, that old girl will be just as cool as when she first rolled off the assembly line.

And so it goes with a classic timepiece.  Your granddad’s Omega from the 50s will make so much more of a statement than a brand-spanking new Fossil watch. It will still look great when your grandson wears it 50 years from now. That, my friends, is the definition of timeless style.

iwc big pilot perpetual petit prince

Status Symbol

Much as we all like to act like we don’t really care what other people think of us, it’s pretty darn clear that we do.  Otherwise, we’d be walking around in ill-fitting, pleated khakis and rolling up to work in our mom’s old minivan.  No, we want to cut a certain figure and make a definite impression.  And as we rise in the ranks, we start to care about the status we project.

What better way to communicate your position than with a car that stops traffic or a watch that catches your CEO’s eye?  The great thing about both is that they speak a sort of silent man code. They don’t have to be showy to make a splash because the people you care about impressing will recognize a good car or a good watch a mile away.  You’ll get an imperceptible nod and go up a couple notches in their esteem.


brand new model car

Your Style

Men don’t have many places where they can show their personal style – sure, the fine details of your suit or the brand of your glasses say a thing or two about your style. But, the opportunities are few and far between.  That’s why many men can be so fixated on getting the perfect car.  They see it as a moving expression of who they are.  A man who drives a Lexus wouldn’t be caught dead in a Land Rover and vice versa.  That car is an extension of the kind of man he is and how he wants to project that to the world.

What’s on your wrist follows the same principles. Most of us want to find something that embodies your personal style.  You don’t just walk into a jewellery store and ask the jeweller to give you a generic, nice watch. One should take the time to pick out something that one loves. You scan the collection waiting for something beautiful to speak to you.

As you become an established adult, you’re unquestionably drawn to the enduring beauty of these marvelous machines as well.  In fact, finally getting the ones you want may even be your own personal road marker of success.

Author Bio:  Ed Bush is a style writer and partner at Barmakian Jewelers premiere jewelers in Boston and New England for more than a century.  As a passionate student of watch history and style, Ed is also a frequent contributor to several online publications.  To find out more, just visit http://www.barmakian.com or connect on Google+.

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