The Ad Personam Studio – Design a Lamborghini Like No Other

A car offers more than a ride or a way to impress. A car defines you. So why would you want that car to be the same as any other? The Ad Personam Studio at Lamborghini’s historic Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters is an area dedicated entirely to the company’s customisation program that enables each customer to design and create their very own personalised Lamborghini.

lamborghini steering

Before choosing a car, you have the opportunity to visit the factory on a guided tour, to view possible configurations on actual Huracán and Aventador Lamborghini models. Next, aided by a specialist, you are hosted in the sophisticated Ad Personam Studio, which includes displays of leathers, seats, rims, colours and materials all represented by a digital simulation of the possible options. The lounge area is also used for displaying the particular Lamborghini model you wish to purchase.

lamborghini steering on the table

The Ad Personam program ensures that you receive the best possible customer experience, also provides you with the opportunity to design a car that defines you and is one of a kind.

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