Adrenaline-Fuelled Sailing on Land with the Venturi Y Concept Sand Yacht

On Man of Many, we often feature cool rides. Whether they travel by air, water or land. When we saw this sharp Venturi Y Concept Sand Yacht, we knew we had to feature it. So, what is a sand yacht? A sand yacht is a small vehicle that was designed to be driven on the sand. They are pushed entirely by the wind, although some feature motors as well. You’ll find sand yachts wherever there is a wide, flat sandy beach nearby.

venturi y concept sand yacht feature

Sand Yachting is a definite manly sport that is perfect for anyone wants to try racing across the sand. If you like sand and sailing, you will love sand yachting. Although sand yachting began as a recreational sport, there are now plenty of organised racing events. If you love adrenaline-pumping speed and the smell of fresh sea air, this sport is for you. You don’t even really need to know much about sailing to give it a try.

venturi y concept sand yacht black

The Venturi Y Concept is a dynamic sand yacht that looks like it would be a blast racing along the beach at 50 km/h or more. To help the Sand Yacht stay on the right trajectory when sailing in the wind, this Concept also features two small electric motors that power the back wheels for manoeuvring.

venturi y concept sand yacht black wheel

The sail and cockpit form one element thanks to a carbon-fiber monohull. This monohull is extremely aerodynamic and sharp, which allows it to slice through the air to propel forward. Since the friction surface of the sand often varies, the wheels were specially designed to adapt to the variable surface of the ground.

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