The Alpha Centauri Hydroplane Looks Like a Batmobile on Water

British boat manufacturer Alpha-Centauri recently announced the launch of its newest boat, the Alpha Centauri Hydroplane. This boat is terrifying and impractical—exactly what Alpha-Centauri wanted. If batman were to have a boat, this would be the one that he would own. It looks like a Batmobile specially-designed for the water.

alpha centauri hydroplane front

Alpha-Centauri engineered this boat to have the speed of a hydroplane race boat and the luxury of a yacht. Alpha-Centauri started with a stainless-steel frame and wrapped it with a lightweight composite shell. This shell provides a high rigidity yet little weight. Additionally, this boat was designed using computational fluid dynamics software. This design provides an exceptionally low coefficient of drag.

alpha centauri hydroplane strong and speed

The 8.3-meter jet black vessel is powered by a 750 horsepower 9.5-L Chevy V8. The engine is coupled with a two-stage Scott jet drive, which can rev up to 6,000 rpm. If that is not enough power, there is an optional engine package available that pumps out 2,000 horsepower. The top speed of this impressive yacht is 60 knots. This kind of speed makes the Alpha-Centauri one of the fastest yacht tenders in the world.

alpha centauri hydroplane controller handle

This yacht seats up to four. Passengers access the four leather-lined racing bucket seats by way of a fighter-jet style canopy that lifts up.

alpha centauri hydroplane controller speed

There is also a premium Rockford-Fosgate speaker system that is outfitted with twin subwoofers. Located in an ergonomically sculpted dashboard is a Raymarine Navigation system. There is also a centre console with laser-cut stainless-steel panels. Other options include heating, air conditioning and a wide range of hull finishes.

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alpha centauri hydroplane stainless steel panel

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