The Alpine A110 Coupe Marks the Return of a Classic

It was a sad day for sports car enthusiasts when French manufacturer Renault stopped production on the famed Alpine in the mid-90s, and then a happy day when the company recently announced the return of the legendary coupe. At long last the wait is over, and zooming back from the dead is the new Alpine A110. Like it’s predecessors, the new A110 is light, beautiful, fast and able to handle turns with the utmost of precision.

alpine a110 car front side

A mid-mounted turbo 1.8 litre four cylinder engine makes the A110 go vroom in the night (or day). That engine delivers 252 hp and couples with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission as well as three separate driver modes of normal, sport and track. Keeping the car light on its tires is a trusty aluminium frame and unique rear-wheel-drive architecture. Needless to say, this is a coupe that a driver can get up close and personal with–the kind that allows him to relish every sleek turn and truly feel the engine roar to life.

top view of alpine a110 car

While the debut of the new Alpine A110 is sure to delight classic car lovers worldwide, the gearheads in America shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet. According to Renault the revived masterpiece on wheels will be available only in Europe and Japan because that’s where the company would like to dedicate its focus for the time being. No matter where the A110 is available, we’re just happy it exists.

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