Let Rip on the Alta Motors Electric Motorcycle

We’ve seen an explosion of electric bicycles in the last few years, as well as in electric cars. One area that seems to be slightly untapped is electric motorcycles. Alta Motors hopes to fill that void with their new product, electric motocross and supermoto bikes. Designed and built in San Francisco, they’ve been in development for four years and have recently delivered their first bike to a local customer in SF. The first bike and its rider, an assembly man from Alta, entered and won two races in Sacramento, showing the pure power of this bike despite the stigma that sometimes comes with electric vehicles.

alta motors electric motorcycle design

The victory is apparently the first time an unmodified, production electric motorcycle triumphed over gas-powered competitors. So not only does the bike run clean, save money on gas and look great, but it also can rip faster than any similar competitor ever has. Sounds like a good package.

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alta motors electric motorcycle engine

alta motors electric motorcycle at night feature