Another Classic to the Collection – 1957 Ford Thunderbird F-Bird

This is one for the classic car collector. In 1957, “F-Bird” was the word for Thunderbird performance. It referenced the T-Bird’s available F-code engine, which was a 312-cubic-inch V8 with a Holley 4-barrel carburetor and Paxton-McCulloch VR57 supercharger for 300 horsepower. This served as the answer to the iconic Corvette by Chevrolet.

ford thunderbird f bird inside

There were 21,380 Thunderbirds produced in 1957, but only between 208 and 211 were supercharged models, which makes them like gold dust today. The supercharger system has been refurbished with it living most of its life in low-humidity in San Jose. With the raven black exterior perfectly complimenting the torch red interior, the use of the main colours of the classic muscle car showcases its statuses as one of originals in the series of muscle cars from decades ago. And for Thunderbird collectors, this is the considered to be the Cristano Ronaldo among all Thunderbirds.

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ford thunderbird f bird front