The ArcaBoard is a Revolutionary Breakthrough for Transportation

Personal transportation will never be the same with the ArcaBoard. It is a machine slightly larger than a skateboard, lifted by 36 high power electric ducted fans. A hover board if you will. Yes, an actual board that hovers. Able to ride across any terrain or water, on the ArcaBoard you will find yourself at the centre of a new exhilarating experience. Dreams do become reality after all.

The ArcaBoard has a built in stabilisation unit, which means the board is stable in any condition and is a safe platform to fly on. It can be utilised by your phone for control and navigation of the vehicle itself or for the most intense experience you can turn off the stabilisation system and steer the ArcaBoard with your body.

It has been designed in a shape that can provide stability, durability and safely contain the tremendous power within. How much power you ask? 272 horsepower. Fitting that amount of power inside a vehicle slightly larger than a skateboard is no easy feat, however by using 36 power fans even in the case of multiple motor failures there are enough motors remaining to take over so you keep on riding.

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