Aria Group ‘Fast Eddy’ Supercar

Obscure supercar manufacturer, the Aria Group is developing a new addition in their ongoing homage to going really damned fast whilst looking good doing it. It’s called the “Fast Eddy,” and it’s meant to be something really special- so special, they are only going to build 20 of them.

front side of aria eddy supercar

If the prototype is any indication of what these movers will look like; it’s going to be silver, sleeker than an eel, with black windows and trim and very little room for bullhonkery. It features huge, no… really huge intake scoops which tell you the thing is a serious fuel drinker. It’s vaguely reminiscent of the legendary 1963 Corvette- the one with the split windows in the back. One of the first things to catch the eye is the very small clearance between the edge of the tires and the fender suggesting some ratio of fine engineering and bravado. But none of that tells you just how beautiful it is.

 side of aria eddy supercar

It’s reportedly a tribute to the company’s co-founder, Charles Taylor, who- apparently had a bit of a thing for the ‘63 Corvette. But it’s got more in common with the ‘63 than just looks and sentiment. It’s also got a supercharged V8 that will raise the hairs on your neck when you tap the accelerator. Recent design changes add a bit of cargo room behind the back seats. I know, we don’t care about that either.

Just 650 horses inhabit the powerhouse on the Fast Eddy, just enough to peel the skin off your face should you be foolish enough to roll the window down at the wrong time.

Right now, the company estimates there will be a sticker price of around $1 million. You’re allowed to cry now.

Check it out

wheels of aria eddy supercar rear of aria eddy supercar silencer of aria eddy supercar top of aria eddy supercar

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