ariel nomad offroad vehicle

Ariel Nomad Offroad Vehicle

If you’re looking for four wheels, an engine, and a face full of the elements, the Ariel Nomad Offroad Vehicle is it. Unfettered from the trappings of ordinary vehicles such as bodywork, walls, doors, windows, cup holders, radios and other nonsense- the Nomad isn’t in the business of indulging any attachment to such needless frills. With this ultralight dune buggy-like off-road masterpiece, there’s absolutely nothing to come between you and the world you intend to explore.

Despite its ultralight weight profile, the manufacturer still found room for a mid-sized engine that in this all stripped down bare knuckles creation of an off-road goer can really perform. If performance is what gets you out of your pants then the Nomad has it. Car and Driver compared it to a rally car- but no rally car has got the freedom of zero wheel well to deal with- meaning the Nomad has got a heck of a lot more to offer in the area of suspension.

To be realistic, if you want a fair comparison, the only thing that really comes close is a Navy SEAL desert patrol vehicle. You may think that’s an exaggeration. We promise you, it isn’t. This thing really has it where it counts- when the only thing that counts is crossing terrain, period. Plus, it’s got a six-speed manual control for full mastery over the terrain, and it can deliver a top speed of 125- and it doesn’t take a hell of a lot of imagination to realize what that would feel like off road.

If you want to taste true freedom, it will only set you back $75,000 USD.

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