The Axi2 from Nepdesign is the Ultimate Hoverboard

Since 2000, Korean firm Nepdesign has been passionately developing products that harmonise premium modern quality with a diverse range of experiences. Nepdesign’s Axi2 Hoverboard is the first of its kind to combine aerodynamic functionality (that won’t result in a house fire) with a sleek and futuristic finish. It’s a thing of beauty. Unlike many of the cheap imported hoverboards, the Axi2 looks more like something a luxury car company dreamed up. It’s sleek and refined, with minimal highlights on the underside and lining the wheels, so late night pedestrians know when to get the hell out of your way. There’s never been a hoverboard that looks this good. Maybe it’s finally time you jumped on the hoverboard bandwagon.

the axi2 nepdesign ultimate hoverboard

the axi2 hoverboard

the axi2 ultimate hoverboard

axi2 ultimate hoverboard charging cable

axi2 ultimate hoverboard green color lamp

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