Bad to the Bone – BMW R100S Black Baron by Relic Motorcycles

Sometimes it’s good to be bad. That’s why when Tony Soprano or Walter White or Jax Teller do bad things you still like them anyway. Because somewhere inside you is a rebel or even a criminal. Now take that inner demon of yours and picture it riding a motorcycle. Odds are it’s riding the new BMW R100S Black Baron by Relic Motorcycles.

Designed and customized by Jonas Sabel, one of Relic’s co-founders, the Black Baron simply exudes darkness. Jonas bought it in the south of Denmark and was immediately taken with its dark sheen, probably snickering to himself when he noticed it was a former police bike. He took it home, gave it a major overhaul and named it in part after a WWI German fighter pilot.

bone bmw r100s black baron motorcycle rider

After removing the old rear section of the frame, Jonas polished and detabbed the leftover metal before extending the section to attach a Biltwell Harley solo seat. Some other notable features include a special black matte carbon tank, twin rows of LED brakelights under the frame, twin cutaway exhausts, thermal cloth on the pipes and twin Hagon 420mm shocks. And even when you take backstory or evil invocations out of the picture, it’s a Beemer so it’s automatically worth checking out.

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