The Beast Hoverbike is, a BEAST!

For decades, the dream of flying vehicles for personal use has been a hallmark of futurist ideals. We all believed that come the year 2000, the world would suddenly transform into a technological utopia for everyone. Well, flying cars have arrived, as have hovercraft. But these have proved too expensive and impractical- so far.

But now a new promise is on the horizon- the hover bike. Just released by designer Rico Kersten, The Beast is a hover bike concept that just might become a reality.

 beast hoverbike feature

The design has won some awards even though an actual production model has yet to materialize. With the profile of a piece of concept art from one of the Star Wars movies, The Beast features a prominent forward turbofan, startling looking rear jets and an array of underbelly wings that make the thing look like it deserves its name.

The design was inspired by old fashioned hairdryers, which were famously much more powerful than they needed to be, were a stereotypical trapping of people not concerned about the climate that could flip the breaker switches in even the largest homes.

 beast hoverbike back side

With its tiny seat, enormous power source, bright red paint, in your face chrome, and a body-styling that looks like it could compete for the land speed record- The Beast Hoverbike will definitely make a huge splash should it ever become a reality.

There’s no price on it yet, as it doesn’t exist. However, if you manage to test drive one- you could probably evade capture- should you feel so disposed.

Check it out

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