Bidding for This Car Starts at $2.4million

An afternoon drive through the leafy streets of Sydney’s eastern suburbs might lead one to believe that BMWs are the most common cars on Earth, so if you’re feeling sceptical about the rarity of the humble Beemer then check this guy out.

front view of bmw car

This is a series one 507 Roadster from 1957, not just rare by BMW standards but by any car collector’s. Only 252 examples of this V8 convertible were ever made, after New York car importer Max Hoffman decided to lobby the folks at Bayerische Motoren Werke to launch a drop top sports model that would cost less than an SL Mercedes but more than an MG.

While it ended up costing around double the price they’d hoped, it was an iconic vehicle with celebrity owners including motorsports legend John Surtees and even Elvis Presley.

seats of bmw car

Unfortunately, the fifty-nine years since the last one rolled out of Germany hasn’t been kind to their dwindling numbers, so when one in this original a condition comes along it’s easy to see why it’s likely to fetch over $3 million AUD at auction later this month. Refinished in the early ’60s in sea green, the leather upholstery, interior, black hardtop and even the engine are all factory original with only 73 000km on the odometer – this is possibly the most original and rare 507 BMW out there.

Check it out

window of bmw car

 men drive bmw car