A Bike in a Bicycle’s Body – The Elmo Golden Moped Bike

As you’ve seen in the past, we have reviewed plenty of two-wheeled wonders here at Man of Many, with each possessing their own quirk. However, the Elmo golden moped bike is definitely one of the most interesting concepts out there.

elmo golden moped bike main body

It looks quite simple and elegant, but then also looks like a juiced up bicycle. There’s a battery that is situated under the driver’s seat that can be detached and carried separately. It is currently a design concept by designer Kasper Jensen.

elmo golden moped bike color

And it is a fully functional prototype as well that looks to be entering the market sometime in the future. This is definitely a fun little two-wheeler that anyone will enjoy due to it being moped, where the engine is no more than 50cc. At present, if this was physically available to purchase, I would have dropped the dough this instant.

Check it out

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