It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No Wait, it’s the EHANG 185!

Ok guys, looks like Blade Runner was pretty spot on after all… well, maybe without all the doom and gloom. We at Man of Many proudly introduce to you, the EHANG 185 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle.

Comprised of the same materials you will find NASA sending up to the Mars (carbon fiber, epoxy & Aluminum alloy), it weighs in at just 200kg and can carry upwards of 100kg – yeah, that means you – and to boot, will take you from A to B at around 100kms per hour. And for all you PC folk out there – this is also the most eco-friendly flying robot you’ll find in today’s market, with all 8 motors running purely on electricity.

ehang 185 outlook

Obviously if this thing is carrying passengers, safety is paramount. That’s where the self-proclaimed ‘EHANG failsafe’ system comes into play. More or less, it’s an overriding feature in the case of an emergency. If you strike a pigeon and one of your motors cuts out, the others will get you down safe and sound.

To operate, it is as easy as opening up the EHANG application on your tablet, choosing points A & B and letting the autopilot take care of the rest. It utilizes an inverted U-shape flight path to garner maximum efficiency, enabling the operator to film or do whatever they see fit while up in the air.

ehang 185 pilot seat

Put simply, this isn’t some toy you’ll find Santa hauling down the chimney anytime soon. This is a meticulously crafted piece of aeronautical design sitting at the very forefront of technology available today. Believe it or not, EHANG are hoping to have the 184 ready for commercial production by the end of the year, with price estimates ranging from $250k – $350k (AUD). Stay tuned.

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