Bliss Mobil Expedition Vehicles are Survival of the Finest

Doomsday preppers will be frothing at the mouth when they get a load of Bliss Mobil’s Expedition Vehicles. Bliss Mobil has taken the Winnebago/Camper premise and reinforced every aspect of the design to withstand almost any force thrown its way. It starts with a military grade steel frame that can withstand the most severe conditions that you could encounter while travelling off-road. The structure of the Bliss Mobil body is built as a complete system, instead of a collection of individual components. The result is an extremely robust design unparalleled in the expedition vehicle market.

bliss mobil expedition vehicles side view

Every Bliss Mobil unit is equipped with high quality powerful monocrystalline solar panels. The panels have a combined maximum output of 1.55 kW per hour, generating more than enough power for daily use. Independence while travelling begins with running all the appliances on electricity. Safety comes first with all appliances relying on the solar energy. There are no open flames. Let’s face it. You wouldn’t want to be living in a nearly-indestructible vehicle only to burn it down from the inside.

The interior is decked out with all the modern necessities: air-conditioning, induction stove, convection oven/microwave/grill, Nespresso coffee machine, kitchen hood, wine glass rack, ceramic toilet separate from the shower, clothes dryer and more. You could escape from civilisation indefinitely if you choose to do so.

bliss mobil expedition vehicles inside view

Through the smart home automation system, you can control functionalities via a user-friendly interface on your tablet or smartphone. It also gives you a complete monitor and control panel for temperature levels at strategic locations preventing overheating and displaying the status of the batteries, water tank levels and the security camera footage. The unit is equipped with Wi-Fi and an external Wi-Fi/3G/GPRS connection.

Unfortunately, you are only purchasing the cabin and not the truck. This may sound disappointing but Bliss Mobil is located in the Netherlands, and you can imagine how much it would cost to import an entire truck. The good news is that many of the cabin sizes are equal to that of a shipping container to make importing incredibly simple. Plus the cabins are designed to fit all kinds of trucks. The twist lock castings at each corner allow the cabin to be easily fitted and removed.

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bliss mobil expedition vehicles running on road

bliss mobil expedition commercial vehicle

bliss mobil expedition vehicles inside architecture

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