The 2015 MTI Racing Boat Had to Have Been Stolen from the Bat Cave

Someone should let Bruce Wayne know that his 2015 MTI Racing Boat has gone missing. Barrett Jackson has the boat up on auction, and it’s spectacular. The look is everything you would expect a racing boat to look like—long, slender, and aerodynamic. The gloss black finish with red highlights, both from paint and the LEDs found internally, externally, and in the engine, gives the boat a look of having come right off the pages of a comic book. The interior continues that look with black Italian leather. There are eight seats available with an internal intercom and VHR radio systems. The driver and throttleman enjoy suspension seats, and an Alcantara headliner finishes off the look.

2015 mti racing boat controller seat

As for sound, you’ll need the 40,000 watt interior and exterior stereo sound system (complete with five video monitors) to drown out the two 1,350hp QC4V Mercury Racing engines. Throttled up, the boat can reach 180 miles per hour. At that speed, you’ll be thankful for the five point restraint systems on each of the seats. The boat is solid as well. It features an integrated cockpit roll bar and crash protection coupled with two-inch thick polycarbonate windows.

2015 mti racing boat controller display

For those days when you don’t feel like rocketing across the water, you can use the included two 1,650hp engines. The boat is also equipped with an on-board 5kw AC power generator.

Check it out

2015 mti racing boat front

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