Beau Lake’s Luxurious Lugano Lake Runner is Fully Electric

It’s not just cars that are being pushed toward electrification, but boats as well. Beau Lake is leading the charge with a 14-foot lake runner called the Lugano. The two-seater boat was inspired by the classic lake runabout and comes in a palette of four colors: Moss Green, Navy, Light Blue, and Burgundy.

Beau Lake Electric Power top view

Aside from the fact that the boat is eco-conscious, the Lugano has plenty of luxurious details that any boater would be proud to own. The tiller and the joystick are both hand-carved mahogany. The seats are upholstered in marine grade one inch thick leather (the covers can actually be snapped off for storage). There’s also a removable two-compartment cooler and a charcuterie board. The stainless steel castings and hardware are all polished to a mirror finish. The hull is fully molded fiberglass. The boats also have a drain port, so you can leave them uncovered if you wish, though Beau Lake does offer a protective cover made of Sunbrella fabric.

The boat is powered by a Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 FP electric motor capable of 1,120 watts, (or about six horsepower). The engine, which is made in Germany, receives its juice from a 24-3500 Lithium smart battery. The Lugano can achieve a cruising speed of 3.5 knots and maxes out at 6 knots.

Beau Lake Electric Power Lake Runner the Lugano side view

The Lugano is the brain child of Lee Kline and Paul Lavoie—the same minds that brought us a $20,000 pedal boat. Their company, Beau Lake, offers the Lugano for $35,000. Part of the hefty price tag comes because of the cost of the engine, which goes for $4,549. The battery pack sells for $2,900. Luxury comes at a price, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your open water fun isn’t causing more damage to the ecosystem.

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