Burgess Yachts Ragner

Burgess’ ‘Ragnar’ Yacht is a Modern-Day Norse Legend

When you look into Norse legends, you’ll find the Danish king Ragnar. This Viking hero grew to legendary status because of his many exploits and adventures. Such a name is fitting for the 68.2-meter charter yacht built by Burgess Yachts. In fact, Ragnar wasn’t just a cool name to pick for the yacht; the famous king served as inspiration for the build. British design studio RWD’s team leader for the exterior and interior design noted, “The owner is hugely interested in medieval battles and weaponry, so we picked up on his hobby and gave the project character with a helmet-like face. He wanted the vessel to have a physical presence and I think the imposing bow and superstructure deliver that.”

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Burgess Yachts Ragner view deck

Ragnar was originally an offshore supply vessel before undergoing a 22-month makeover to transform it into a luxury yacht. Where it once carried supplies, Ragnar now offers voluminous space for passengers and toys alike. The yacht can berth up to 12 guests and boasts a heli-pad, a spa, a three-person submersible, and an all-terrain ATV. There are actually two master suites in the yacht complete with en-suite bathrooms, along with a dining room that could rival Ragnar’s banquet hall. In that dining room, which is decked out in dark wood panelling, you’ll find a life-size replica of Ragnar, complete with a sword, overlooking a 12-seat table.

The spa offers a gym, massage room, sauna, and a steam room. In addition to the submersible and the ATV, Ragnar carries jet skis, snowmobiles, paddleboards, surfboards, and water skis. Next to the helipad is a family-sized Jacuzzi and an open-air pool. The rooms come complete with working fireplaces with carved wooden surrounds, and four-poster beds. Oversized leather sofas provide seating after you find that book you’ve been meaning to read in one of the many bookcases.

Burgess Yachts Ragner lounge area

Much like its namesake, Ragnar is meant for adventure. With the ability to operate in temperatures below minus 35 degrees Celsius, a range of 6,000 nautical miles, and the strength to cut through ice up to 20 inches thick at four knots, there’s very little to slow this Viking down. If you can pay the king’s ransom of USD$525,000 per week, you can charter Ragnar for your own exploits.

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Burgess Yachts Ragner dining area

Burgess Yachts Ragner outside lounge

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Burgess Yachts Ragner pool side

Burgess Luxury Yachts Ragner

Burgess Yachts Ragner bedroom

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