Day Trip in Style with the Maori 54-Foot Luxury Yacht

Yachts come in many shapes and sizes and are used for many purposes. Some are meant to be floating homes for those who can afford to (and want to) live on the water. Others, like the Maori 54 foot luxury yacht, are meant for short-term jaunts, providing all one and their guests would need for a day or two out on the water along an exotic coastline.

maori 54 foot luxury yacht side view

As any yacht connoisseur will tell you, 54 feet is a lot of space for a boat in the style of this Maori luxury yacht, but every part of it is used majestically. The top deck is built in the style of a Cabriolet convertible vehicle, with a top that goes up and down for all types of weather, as well as for when the boat is cruising along the open water. There is an open transom and aft sun pad and a dinette area that can be open to the air or protected by the hard top. A sunken deck area makes a below board spot for socializing in a more intimate setting and beyond a bathroom, there is also a sitting area that can convert into a bedroom for overnight stays onboard. However, once you go below deck you can still maintain contact with the ocean and not feel claustrophobic, thanks to windows that look out each side, right at sea level.

For day trips on the water in the lap of luxury, the Maori 54 foot luxury yacht is ideal.

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maori 54 foot luxury yacht on way maori 54 foot luxury yacht speed maori 54 foot luxury yacht speed angle

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