Day Tripping on the Frauscher 858 Fantom Air

Frauscher has been building top of the line speedboats and, more recently, yachts over the past three generations, since the late 1920s and their quality and style has only improved over these years, making them one of the most reliable nautical luxury brands in the world. And that title has never been more pronounced than it is with their 858 Fantom Air, an 8.6 metre motor yacht that combines top-notch handling with premium, spacious design and a ton of first class details.

frauscher 858 fantom air boat design

There’s a teak bathing deck built to welcome everyone who steps on the boat and doubles as a great place to lounge and get sun… unless you and your guests would rather lounge in the adjoining upholstered lounge area for two. More beautiful teak decorates the gangway that leads to the aft of the yacht where the main open air cockpit resides, allowing a convertible type feel when you are cruising on the open water. There are also padded seats in the bow for more guests and additional comfort, along with plenty of storage beneath the deck. There’s also a sound system that is compatible with just about any type of device and Bose speakers that will satisfy even the most critical audiophile.

frauscher 858 fantom air boat design overall

Combine all of that with a 430 horsepower engine and great handling and the Frauscher 858 Fantom Air becomes one of the finest day trip boats on any body of water.

Check it out

frauscher 858 fantom air boat 430 horsepower engine controller

frauscher 858 fantom air boat food reserved box

frauscher 858 fantom air boat side view

frauscher 858 fantom air boat engine

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