Dynamiq GTT 165 Foiling Superyacht Defines Innovation

The Dynamiq GTT 165 Foiling Superyacht is the longest in Dynamiq’s GTT series, measuring in at 50 metres in overall length. Interestingly, the hull of the GTT 165 is made from Sealium aluminum alloy. But that’s not surprising considering that Dynamiq set out on designing this yacht with the idea of creating the ultimate in performance and motion comfort. Aside from the aluminum hull, they also included a fast displacement round bilge hull with an advanced stabilization system. The Hull Vane and active T-Foil (Hull Vane assist) also contribute to better motion comfort.

The GTT 165 is capable of reaching 20 knots (25 if you got with the GTS model) and has a range of 4,000 nautical miles. Owners also have the option of a hybrid propulsion system that grants better efficiency while operating silently.

dynamiq gtt 165 foiling superyacht outlook

You also have a couple configuration options. The yacht takes a crew of nine housed in five cabins, but you can choose from a five cabin option that allows ten guests, or a six cabin option for twelve guests. The yacht comes complete with a sun deck, galley, and stateroom.

dynamiq gtt 165 foiling superyacht high speed

Dynamiq has upset the yacht world with its incredible boats. A newcomer to the scene, Dynamiq unveiled its first launch—the 39 meter Jetsetter—at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show. They continue to innovate and develop new approaches and advances in the nautical world.

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dynamiq gtt 165 foiling superyacht front and back

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