FR037 Yacht Breaks the Ice Nicely

Rossinavi’s FR037 Yacht is no Titanic. Of course you don’t want to run into any icebergs with it, but the FR037 was designed with extreme ice conditions in mind, so no fear of sinking in the icy waters of the Atlantic. Dubbed the King Shark, the FR037 can transition from the warm waters of the Caribbean to the sub-zero conditions of Antarctica without losing its yachting lifestyle amenities.

Measuring in at 70 meters in length, the FR037 also measures 12.7 meters at its widest. With two Rolls Royce Azipull AZP085 FP driven by two Marelli 1570 kW motors, the yacht can reach a max speed of 17 knots. It’s cruising speed, at about half load condition, is 15 knots. Keeping the speed at 12 knots will give you a range of 6,000 nautical miles.

fr037 yacht new designed

While listed as being under construction, the FR037 promises both aesthetics and amenities that are as technical as the boat’s abilities. With the interior being designed by Achille Salvagni, there’s no doubt that this ship will live up to that promise. The exterior design was done by Fulvio De Simoni, who created a look that is both sporty and elegant. The King Shark will be constructed with the help of Arrabito Naval Architects, who are responsible for nearly 3,000 hulls sailing the world right now.

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