Galaxsea Project Space Hotel Could Be Visionary

Times were that imaginative people like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne were ridiculed for their preposterous ideas. Had he been born a few years earlier, Eugeni Quitllet might also have been the object of ridicule, but with Elon Musk and others racing to make interstellar travel and colonies on the Moon and Mars a reality, Quitllet’s Galaxsea Project Space Hotel Concept doesn’t seem so farfetched.

galaxsea concept hotel

Quitllet’s idea is to create a solar-powered sailboat where visitors, artists, and scientists can congregate. Not just any sailboat, mind you, but a sailboat that travels the stars. And where would this boat be built? Quitllet envisions it being 3D printed in space.

Galaxsea Project Space Hotel Concept

“Future is the point of view of the artist who takes a step back, seeking the bigger picture of reality and imagination,” says Quitllet. The designer took a pretty big step back for this concept. While just creating a prototype of this ship would be a challenge, it’s not the first one that needs to be overcome.

Before that happens, a large enough 3D printer that is designed specifically to work in space by harvesting materials from asteroids needs to be created. But that’s not putting a damper on Quitllet’s enthusiasm. “I remember when the future was about leaving earth in a boring rocket or an individual capsule. Scientists were pursuing the dream of living in a hole on the moon or building settlements in a desert in Mars.

The idea of the future used to sound exciting to us, it seemed like the only possible idea…who could blame us. That was the only vision of the future we were provided with,” said Quitllet. Now he’s providing a new vision for the next generation. With the progress that is being made on multiple fronts, it’s entirely possible that we could see a project like this someday. Maybe the future will put Quitllet’s name next to Wells and Verne.

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